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Our mission is to raise-up and inspire individuals for a healthier lifestyleand wellbeing – finding radiance and bliss through all of their senses, and everything in between.

Digestive Herbal Tea

Why Choose Vaidya?

“I had some serious respiratory problems, right at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. My breathing was so bad that I'm convinced I had the virus. My doctor diagnosed me with COPD and put me on an inhaler that cost $260 for a 30 day supply, which barely helped. After just a few doses of Vaidya Ayurveda's Immunity tea for respiratory health, my breathing got better and I've been doing great since. No need for the prescription inhaler, and certainly no COPD symptoms remain. There is no worse feeling than not being able to breathe.

I believe Vaidya Ayurveda saved my life and I can't say enough good things about them! Even for precautionary measures, I highly recommend drinking their teas. By the way, they have a very calming and delicious taste. Thank you Vaidya Ayurveda!"


“Your products worked miracles for me, since I was diagnosed with Covid19. I just got released from the public health department and I can return to society. I can not thank you and the Doctors for helping me enough. Please let them know I am very thankful for them. My doctor wanted to know what I was doing to get better because I refused the meds they wanted to give me.

Thank you again and I will continue to use your products. Mother Earth is vast and has the answers to many.”


“The sinus oil is incredible. As the seasons change I often get bad sinus headaches. When I first tried the oil I had a three day headache that I just couldn't get rid of no matter how many different medications I tried. I was given the Vaidya sinus oil to try as a solution. I rolled on a small amount on my temples and surprisingly my three-day headache was gone in less than five minutes.

I can't say enough about this oil, it has worked miracles for me and I always keep it handy.”


“My dad LOVES the sleep oil. I appreciate you! Can I advertise you on Facebook? What an awesome company! My pops is slowly getting more energy. I'm still waiting for his doctor to respond. He put the sleep oil at the bottom of his feet, he said it relaxed him.
He's so exhausted everyday. Body still recouping. Thank you so much!”


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